When your name is Elizabeth, you run the risk of having about a million nicknames thrown your way.  I’m no exception: Over the course of my life, I’ve answered to (and in some cases continue to answer to) any of the following: Beth, Liz, Libby, Lizzy, Lizzytish, Lid, Riz, Nawa and Bina (don’t try to figure out those last two but, trust me, I cherish them both).

“Shoestring Lizzy” is the only nickname I’ve ever given myself.  You might call her my alter ego…or you might say that Elizabeth is HER alter (sometimes I can’t tell the difference).  Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that when I step into her shoes, my brain flips a switch and I feel…different.  Or more me, maybe.  Again, it’s sometimes hard to tell.

Let me put it this way:

Shoestring Lizzy lives at the intersection of creativity and self-reliance.

She thinks that creativity on a shoestring is where Opportunity is generally hanging out (most times, Opportunity is looking at her like, “Seriously, what took you so long?  I’ve been waiting for you.”).  She puts up with Opportunity’s attitude because Opportunity is a rare and precious thing.

As a matter of principle, she doesn’t believe in paying someone else to do something if she can figure out how to do/fix/make/sew/crochet/build/upholster/paint/etcetera it herself.  If that takes a little longer, so be it.

Doing/Fixing/Making/Sewing/Crocheting/Building/Upholstering/Paint- ing/Etcetera-ing makes her socks go up and down and doing/fixing/making/sewing/crocheting/building/upholstering/paint- ing/etcetera-ing helps her sleep at night and gets her going in the morning.

Speaking of sleeping, Shoestring Lizzy figures stuff out while she’s asleep.  Random but true.

She believes that the space around you deeply affects the way you feel and she believes that everyone deserves to live in a space that makes their insides happy, whatever that might look like.

Shoestring Lizzy believes in herself.

My nana (more on her later, I’m sure) used to say when we did jigsaw puzzles at the kitchen table, “Now you’re cooking with gas.” Shoestring Lizzy cooks with elbow grease.

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